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    Hamasen's Historical Sites Print
      Update Time:2019-11-12 15:52

    Hamasen's Historical Sites

    ◎Written by Sie Hong-wei

    ◎English translation: Hou Ya-ting

    ◎Photos by Sie Hong-wei


     The ocean and the port have played instrumental parts in propelling Kaohsiung in becoming an international city. This modernization began during the Japanese colonial rule. At the heart of it was Gushan District's Hamasen neighborhood. Hamasen is home to many historical sites. Some of these sites include Lane 60 Dengshan Street, National Sun Yat-sen University, and Syongjhen North Gate and Dapingding Fort.

     Lane 60 Dengshan Street is a one-hundred years old historical trail, which was built during Cing-dynasty. Port of Kaohsiung was officially established in 1863. At that time, a fountain that ran from Shoushan Mountain to the harbor supplied fresh water for merchant ships. Today, the freshwater creek and several coral-stoned drainage channels can still be seen in this area.

    Lane 60 Dengshan Street

     The Port of Kaohsiung was constructed during Japanese colonial period. It was at that time that Hamasen became Kaohsiung's political and economic center. In 1924, the Kaohsiung City Hall was built in Hamasen. Visiting the Retaining Walls of Port of Kaohsiung Construction Liaison Office allows visitors to learn about the port's development. In addition, Lane 60 Dengshan Street preserves the military facilities, such as a reservoir, a pillbox and a command post, which constructed during Japanese colonial rule. After World War II, many people moved to the area from Tainan and Penghu. After China's civil war, military personnel and their dependents also settled on Lane 60. In 1998, the area was transformed into National Sun Yat-sen University's campus and in September 2017, Kaohsiung City Government finished renovations on Lane 60's historical trail and its historical sites, including its waterway, wall, air-raid shelter and pillbox.

    the 79-meter-long Time Tunnel Slide

     In November 2018, the city government installed the 79-meter-long Time Tunnel Slide, which is the second longest slide in Taiwan. The height difference between the top of the slide and the bottom is 18 meters. In addition, from top to bottom, the descent takes 40 seconds. It offers beautiful panoramic views of Lane 60 Dengshan Street. It is a great adrenaline rush, but tickets must be booked in advance.

    Lane 60 Dengshan Street is central to Hamasen's neighborhoods Lane 60 Dengshan Street is central to Hamasen's neighborhoods. During the Japanese colonial rule, the port made the region prosperous, which attracted immigrant workers to the region. It soon became an area that prided itself on multiculturalism. This multiculturalism can be evidenced through Sinbin Old Street's various architectural styles. Other attractions in the area include, Wude Martial Arts Center, the Former British Consulate at Dagou and Sizihwan Bay. Visitors should be aware and respectful of the residents that are still living in the area.

    From 2019/03/11 第01期 Love Kaohsiung