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    Jhan-2 Warehouse Ferry Station Makes its Debut Print
      Update Time:2018-10-24 16:03

    Jhan-2 Warehouse Ferry Station Makes its Debut

    ◎Written by Ye Yu-ci

    ◎English translation by Hou Ya-ting

    Jhan-2 Warehouse Ferry Station

     Cijin Island is one of Kaohsiung's most popular sightseeing destinations. It is surrounded by the ocean and situated across from Kaohsiung's Gushan, Yancheng, Cianjhen and Siangang Districts, with the Port of Kaohsiung at the heart of it all. Passengers can get to Cijin by taking the ferry from Gushan Ferry Station. Cijin Island is famous for its beach, historical places (like Tianhou Temple at Cihou) and its freshly-caught seafood. 

    Jhan-2 Warehouse Ferry Station The ferry station has been shuttling passengers between Gushan and Cijin Island since 1985. Passengers can also bring their bikes and motorcycles onto the ferry. Previously, the Gushan Ferry Station backed onto a main road. When there were a lot of passengers waiting in line, it would disrupt local traffic. In order to relieve the overcrowding at the Gushan Ferry Station, Kaohsiung City Shipping Company Ltd has opened another ferry station in the recently refurbished Jhan-2 Warehouse (Warehouse No. 2), at No. 17, Penglai Road in Gushan District.

     Located on Port of Kaohsiung, Warehouse No. 2 was built during the Japanese colonial era and originally used for sugar storage. In 1956, the supporting columns were taken out to allow for more storage. In 1962, during the banana export boom, it also played an important role. As the port became busier, it was transformed into a new international shipping container terminal. In order to increase the region's economic development, the city has been transforming the port and restoring its historical buildings. This has given Warehouse No. 2 a renewed purpose. The management of Warehouse No. 2 was handed over to the Port of Kaohsiung and Taiwan International Ports Corporation. It has now been transferred into a multifunctional compound with recreational activities, restaurants and shops selling local products.

     The new station is located on the first floor of Warehouse No. 2. It has a seating area that faces a panoramic window, offering passengers a spectacular view of Kaohsiung's port. The ferry station offers visitors an alternative to Gushan Ferry Station. Although it is located in Gushan, it is also close to Yancheng District, Kaohsiung Harbor Railroad Historical Park and Pier-2 Art Center. Warehouse No. 2 is a beautiful historical building that embodies Kaohsiung's charm.


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